Chris Brown's Letter : A

How was Chris Brown oreshized by soceity?

Yung Blow

Chris Brown -Poppin(Instrumental) by Yung Blow

How? Why? What?

His scarlett letter of "shame"

Claim: Chris Brown made a mistake that would affect his future forever and he would regret it for the rest of his life. The artist known as "C Breezy" we young, reckless and foolish when he made this mistake. His mistake and "shame" as the purtians would put it, was when he abused and beat up Rihanna after a night out. His sarlett letter is an A because of his abuse to Rihanna.

Data: Rihanna forgave Chris for what he did even though she said it took her a while to get over this happening by someone she loved so dearly. Also she stated that everyone deserves another chance, but what happens after they take that chance is solely them not learning from there first mistake! Chris said he was just too into the fame and off of his rocks to realize how what he did would affect the woman he loved, his loved ones, and his fans outlook on him--the worlds outlook on him.

Warrant: The data proves my claim because this all happened in actuality-real life. Even Rih forgave him and she was the one most affected in this situation, even though it took society a long time to get over what he did, and some people still aren't fans to him because of what he did and say they will never be one again. Also even though Chris was man enough to take full responsibility all over the radio airways and TV shows he didn't get off easy with this. There's no excuse for what Breezy did, but we still have to signify the fact that he didn't go M.I.A, he came out like a real man and owned up to his mistakes! Even Rihanna and him had a private conversation and he apologized deeply.

Now Chris Brown and Rihanna are both "poppin" as ever

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