Week 1 Introduction

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Week 1 Introduction

Greetings class/Instructor: I hope I am doing this animation correctly, please bear with me. My name is Camille Barker, I am African-American, the 3rd of 4 siblings, I am 31 years of age, and have no children, and am not married. My interest in education came from my grandparents. They reminded us growing up that they were not fortunate to be able to attend school due to strict segregation laws, and the Jim Crow effect.

Times have changed! I reach out to a lot of children in rural settings, because I know what it was like to be isolated, or assumed based on your outer appearance. Now, fortunately I grew up with many privileges. My parents both had excellent careers, we had a really nice home, and yes all of these things were great, but my parents never went a day without reminding us on what it could have been like if we were born in the segregated era.

This is why I don't take anything for granite. I am very much an advocate for Head Start programs, because they too, reach out and have their focal point on children in low income areas who have not had any exposure to socialization, academics etc.

In Michigan Head Start programs are enforced.