L1 Speaking Assignment Due

もくようび-Thursday- Sept 3, 2015

Japanese 1 Info! ^o^



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╚══╝ Nice work with your Cultural Discussions! よくできました! Keep up the good work everyone on submitting your work!!
Please don't forget to do your 2 comments after you post your assignment.)

Remember that your Lesson 1 Cultural Discussion was DUE YESTERDAY! (along with your 2 comments)

  • Please be sure to READ the annoucements DAILY.
  • Make sure you log in DAILY (Mon-Fri)
  • If you have any questions, please text me or chat with me on Blackboard IM. (◠‿◠✿)

Please make sure you submit all your missing assignments for last week, and work on assignments for this week (lesson 1).
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***NOTE 2 o(≧o≦)o: DO not turn in Module 1.3 LinguaFolio assignment until you have completed Lesson 3!***Please do not submit that in early. You need to fill out the document as you go through lessons 1-3 before you can submit it. ***

Language Coaching Sessions (◕‿◕):

  • We will start on Wednesday (Sept 9th).
  • You have been assigned to a coach! Please check it out by going to "My Coach" link in the course, and then click the link there to find out who your coach is. ^o^
  • Remember this is 20% of your grade.
  • EVERYONE except a couple of students have not signed up. If you are one of them, please make sure that you sign up ASAP.
  • You will need a mic/headset/speakers to do the coaching sessions.
  • ***You can download the Blackboard Collaborate APP for FREE on your !!! On your smartphone that has app capabilities. I believe it's on ipad, tablet as well.


  • If you haven't tested to see if your computer can do Blackboard Collaborate, please do so as soon as you can. (✿◠‿◠)

Please go through your "My Grade" tab to check out your grades. Please submit any missing work that you have as soon as possible!

Keep up the good work!

(")_(") Continue to do your best!

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Lesson 1 Speaking Assignment is DUE TODAY!

L1 Speaking Assignment Due TODAY.

  • Yes, it's in Japanese.
  • Please make sure you went over the vocabulary and grammar before doing your speaking assignment. Your speaking assignment can be posted: on the discussion board to post your assignment.
  • To do the speaking assignment (please practice your pronunciation using the Voki (animated face) I posted in the previous announcements before doing the assignment.) Also, make sure you go to the assignment, and read the directions on how to do this as well as post it.
  • You can use any of these tools to do the assignment:
    • Audacity (Please dont' forget to export it to a .mp3 or .wav file.)
    • Vocaroo.com
    • A recording software that will have it in .mp3 or .wav format.
    • iPhone voice recorder, save as .mp3

Here's a great tool to use to study your lesson 1 vocabulary:

Due Tomorrow:

  • It's due TOMORROW.
  • Please make sure you STUDY before you take the quiz. You can use the L1 Quizlet (link above) to study for your quiz.
  • You have 2 chances with every quiz, please take advantage of that and improve your grade.
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  1. Welcome Call--Please be sure to schedule a call. Don't forget to CALL ME during your scheduled time. *Also, when making an appointment, make sure you check the date of the time you're making the appointment. Make sure you're not scheduling a call for the date of last week. >.<
  2. Blackboard IM--Please make sure you download this. You can find the Blackboard IM link to the left. I'm checking you off for doing so.
  3. Student INFO Survey--You can find the link on the Calendar
  4. How Do You Learn? Discussion Board--(Submit the whole document, just complete pages 12 & 13 on "How do you learn?"--This is the Biography Checklist LinguaFolio Doc)
  5. Academic Integrity Quiz --located to the left.
  6. Getting Acquainted ToonDoo Assignment :)
    1. Don't forget to make 2 comments on your classmate's postings. :)
  7. Language Coaching Sign Up Form: "My Coach" link to the LEFT and click on the google link in that tab to sign up.
  8. Typing Quiz-located in introductory module.

*FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO JUST GOT THEIR LOGIN INFO TODAY: Please do your best to catch up. You will not be penalized.

Let's do our best! がんばりましょう! (✿◕‿◕)