History and culture

Come and share your history of culture with us!


The ultimate goal of the project is that the Turkish pupils learn about their own culture as well as the Romania culture through dialogue with their "partner countries". Other goals include, the pupils learning about themselves and their own culture as well as that of the partner countries and the cultural differences including but not limited to, language, food and beverages, the family structure and the school system. During this process we hope to develop the English skills of the pupils involved (both written and verbal) via communicative exercises. We also intend to work via the Internet helping the pupils to develop their fact-finding skills and train their information-sorting skills on electronic media.

Expected results

The end product we hope, will be a Turkish and Romania class that develops a greater understanding about the cultural differences between Turkey and Romania. We hope that this will lead to a primary understanding of both countries’ place as an independent country but also as a country working in unison with others within the European Union. We will share all these works via Twinspace.