Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana Research Paper

Antoine Dorsett


English IV

December,7 2014

Legalization of Marijuana

Cannabis sativa or Marijuana is commonly known worldwide and has served different cultures in various ways. Marijuana has been introduced and adapted to fit current life styles that has been beneficial in social environment. Majority of the world population has consumed Marijuana before for medical and recreational purposes. Marijuana should be legalized. This one plant helped thousands of people and kept countries/states out of debt which created jobs for many.

Marijuana is a preparation of the cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug and as medicine. Marijuana usage has been tracked back to the Chinese emperor Shen Nung in 2727 B.C. Ancient Greeks and Romans have also been familiar with marijuana spread throughout the Middle East to North America. Originally cannabis grows throughout many tropical and humid parts of the world. Cannabis seeds have been used for animal feed , fiber for hemp rope and oil as a vehicle for paint.

People who smoke marijuana deserves the freedom to use it however they want to. There is no good particular reason that Marijuana should be illegal. Majority ask ‘’Why should Marijuana be legalized’’ but as people who see nothing wrong with the usage of Marijuana should ask ‘’ Why should Marijuana be Illegal?’’. Individuals deserve the power and freedom to do what they want to do. The Government should not limit the choices and choose what is right and wrong in another person life. Marijuana is far less dangerous than drug that are legal. Alcohol and tobacco causes death annually every year and it only gets high and higher. How many deaths has marijuana cost ?. That is my question for you people who criticize and bad mouth the usage of marijuana.

Did you know that keeping marijuana illegal is expensive. The United States Government can save a lot of money if marijuana was illegal. Canada has been out of debt , gave jobs to people who needed it just buy making marijuana legal. United States spend billions of dollars annually trying to catch people who would rather get high. Think about the United States itself can could save billions of dollars every year if they stop imprisoning individuals for marijuana. If marijuana was legal the Government could lay back and benefit on a lot of money just by taxes itself.

Marijuana can be used as medicine also. Doctors said that it is factual that marijuana can treat patients that has an illness of Muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis, Nausea from cancer chemotherapy, Poor appetite and weight loss caused by chronic illness, such as HIV, or nerve pain, Seizure disorders and Crohn's disease. The FDA also approved THC as a main ingredient in marijuana that can help the increase of appetite if you do not have any. It is true that our body already makes marijuana likes symptoms that can affect pain and inflammation. Bob Marley the King of Reggae encourage the smoking of marijuana through out his entire career. Bob Marley smoking was second nature to him. He quoted ‘’ Herb is the healing of the nation , Alcohol is the destruction’’. So with this being said why is marijuana being stereo typed by others that is just going with the crowd saying No just to say. Marijuana helps in all aspects of the human body it is Natural.

The first amendment to the Constitution states that ‘’ the Government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion’’. Christianity prefer wine drinking some other religions prefer the smoking of marijuana. The United states is stated to be the home of the ‘’Free’’ but it is not allowing other nationalities to practice their Religion. Rastafarians smoke marijuana such as Hindus and Buddhist. Marijuana is strictly stereotyped in all aspect that can save the United States a ton of money in expenses. The Government just don’t see it. It is making me think do the Government like money? Do they want to better America buy imposing taxes on marijuana that can make them billions ?.

Alcohol makes you drunk It does make you meditate, it just make you drunk. Herb is more a consciousness. A 63 year old man said that marijuana cannabis oil cured his cancer, what can alcohol and tobacco cure ?. Think about it something that is natural and beneficial in society is illegal and what is legal is killing innocent lives daily. As you are reading this someone is diagnosed with lung car or died by drunk driving in car that caused and accident. Sad to say but it is true marijuana is really the healing of the nation, alcohol and tobacco is the destruction. The Government is actually allowing this and it is sickening. A wise man once said ‘’ Smoking herb is way better than loading up your Uzi’s doing drive by’s creating homicides while you can relax and fly’’.

The Government should really consider the legalization of Marijuana. It is bringing money, causes zero harm. It can be used for medical purposes, hemp and Religious use. Road to legalizing marijuana is underway. Heal the Nation and stop the destruction.erbHe

Poetry From The Soul

Antoine Dorsett

Mrs. Grubbs

English IV

December 8, 2014

Marijuana, Mary Jane

What ever you want to call it

Touch the sky get high

Feel like a plane and fly

Why it is not legalized?

I don’t know why

I think about it everyday

All I could do is sigh

Smoking herb is way better than

Loading up your Uzi doing drive bys

Committing homicides

Marijuana is safe !

Other drugs leads to suicide

Check the records nobody died

So as one Nation


Narrative Marijuana

Antoine Dorsett

English III


Narrative Letter

I will be writing my multi genre paper on the legalization of Marijuana. To me and what I have studied Marijuana is a natural substance that causes little to none side effects comparing to other drugs in this World. Being from an island I have seen with a naked eye Marijuana being used constantly for recreational uses. Although marijuana can be bad, if one spiked it with something that will set you crazy. This is why it is careful to watch who you encounter your smoking habits with. The distribution and selling of Marijuana can be the only way people can get ends meet financially. Bob Marley the Legend of reggae also known as the King of Marijuana in the entire Caribbean used Marijuana daily. He smoked so much of it that he had brain cancer and did not know because he could not feel the pain due to the smoking of Marijuana. Marijuana can be medical to patients who has special needs that can be cured or with Marijuana. It is factual that Marijuana can cure illness, pain and depression. In my studies I have witness People who drink alcohol and others who Smoke Marijuana. The people who drink are lost in their mind and gets violent with others or with one self. The people who smokes the herb can be calm, helpful , happy, and full of excitement. So to me I think alcohol is more dangerous than Marijuana. In resent searches it is factual to say that no one has died from smoking marijuana either they have progressed or have been treated by the natural plant. Bob Marley quoted ‘alcohol is the destruction of a nation herb is the Healing of the Nation’. LEGALIZE IT.

bob marley speaking about herb (marijuana)
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Poem From Others

Michael Cross

Nov 7  Nov 9


Marijuana is not drug, marijuana is a herb of wisdom.

Smoke marijuana is way to philosophize, so you can reach enlightenment.

Tony Alva

May 19


I like to lose myself in the urban landscape

High, in ecstacy amongst the crowd that rushes tirelessly

on coffee and cigarettes.

On buses, in cars

I sit like intrigue and good music should

My senses a blur in joy of touch and sound and taste

And I can hear nothing,

my headphones sit just right.

I seek intellegence in the sound my headphones are playing

I seek beauty in the faces of the common and simple

I find it.