Welcome Back to In-Person Learning!

January 1, 2020

Good afternoon!

I hope that you enjoyed your winter break! We know that this was a difficult decision for families and we are happy to welcome your children back to in person learning. If this is your first time with in person learning this year, things look different than they did last year.

Please take a look at the information below to make sure you and your student feel comfortable about our new procedures.

Later this weekend, I will send a second newsletter, specific to our safety precautions.

Please reach out with any questions or if you need any support to help with this transition.


Jennifer Sisul

Important Contact Information

Main Office: 314-213-6100 ext. 3000

Nurse: 314-213-6100 ext. 3030

Our Schedule

Before arriving at school ~ Daily health screening and temperature checks for all kids and staff.

8:25 ~ Morning Arrival begins

8:45 ~ Tardy Bell

3:30 ~ Dismissal begins

Because all of our staff are involved in our dismissal routines, there are no early check outs after 3:00 pm.

Early Check Outs ~ Please monitor and avoid

Each time we have to call into a classroom to notify a student they are leaving, we have disrupted the learning environment, the teacher inevitably has to scramble to pull things together for the student, and instructional time is lost. If a child is coming back to school, we are faced with another set of disruptions.

While it may be unavoidable at times, we ask that during the day check outs are few and far between.

Some things around NG might feel different...

  • No visitors in the building for any reason.
  • No nuts of any kind in the classroom for snack or lunch.
  • Kids eat in the classroom.
  • Recess is spent with classroom groups in designated spots of our playground.
  • Kids stay behind desktop barriers when in close proximity to classmates.

What should your kids bring to school?

  • 2-3 facemasks
  • water bottle (our water fountains are turned off as a safety precaution)
  • charged ipad
  • healthy snack (snacksafely.com)
  • lunch (optional)

Speaking of Breakfast & Lunch...

For the remainder of the school year, both breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge for all kids. Kids can of course, always feel free to bring a lunch from home. Please know we eat in the classroom for both breakfast and lunch and kids should only bring items of food to eat that they can open themselves.


Employees and students who are sick, displaying COVID-19 symptoms, or who have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19 should stay home. We therefore believe it’s important to conduct daily health screenings and temperature checks with all staff before they have contact with others in our schools.

  • Students and/or their families will receive daily notices via email or text, asking for temperature and screening information prior to coming to school.
  • All staff members, including substitute teachers, will also receive notices and be required to submit screening information prior to coming to work. Staff members will also have their temperature checked each morning as they arrive on campus.
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