South Africa

By: Nick Boyd

Fun Facts

  • The 2010 FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa, and Spain beat the Netherlands in the finals.
  • Table Mountain in Cape Town is believed to be one of the oldest mountains in the world.
  • South Africa is the second largest exporter of fruit in the world.
  • South Africa is rated 3rd in the world in supplying safe, drinkable tap water.
  • South Africa has the cheapest electricity in the world.

Bodies Of Water

  • The Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Southern Atlantic Ocean border South Africa.

Ethinic Groups in South Africa

  • The African population makes up around 79% of South Africa's total population.
  • The Bantu group adopted many other groups, making up 18% of South Africa's population.
  • 3% of the population doesn't have a specific group.