Title 1 Newsletter



It has been great beginning to work with Kindergarteners. All Kindergarteners are now writing their name and are expanding letter knowledge. We are working on noticing print in books and using pictures to help tell the story. Hearing stories and books are the best way to help your child in their reading development.

First Grade

First graders are beginning to put all the pieces of reading together. They are thinking about the story, making sure it makes sense and that the meaning of the story is understood. We are building on strategies to help with tricky words. We learn from our mistakes. When a word has been misread, asking "does it make sense?" or "does that look right?" helps the reader to look carefully to visual aspects of words and to always keep thinking of the meaning of the story.

Second Grade

It is exciting to see second graders build confidence. One skill second graders need as they progress is the ability to retell a story. This skill is part of every assessment and helps build toward being able to summarize books. Second graders are doing a great job including some transition words; such as next, then, after that, when retelling a story. We will quickly be moving into writing these retells.

Mo Williems

This month's featured author is not only one of my favorites but the students are loving Mo Williems as well. Mo Williems is the author of Don't let the Pigeon drive the bus, Knufflebunny books and of course Piggie and Elephant books. Piggie and Elephant are especially being enjoyed for their funny story line, use of speech bubbles and wonderful illustrations.