By Liz Briones and Kolbi Tweedle

New Balance of the World

Do you ever wonder how it feels to live in a World where everything is balanced? A place where everybody is treated the same, where everyone in the World has a right to education, the economic status is the same for everyone, and lastly there's not much violence. If you're a person who is hard worker, doesn't like to be discriminated, and wants a balanced life and World, then this is the Place for You!!!!!!!!!
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Fahrenheit 451 v.s Baletopia

Fahrenheit 451 is completely opposite from Baletopia. In other words, in Fahrenheit 451 their big rule is for everyone to be happy. In contrast, the big rule for Baletopia is to balance everything in your life. In Fahrenheit 451, the way happiness was inflicted was through technology, poor education, and letting the citizens do what they pleased. Mostly all these citizens think these inflictions seem great, but what they don't realize is the impact they leave behind. On the opposite side, Baletopia tries to bring happiness to the citizens by balance their lives. For example, economically, education, and timing.

In the book Fahrenheit 451 the world is runned by the government, meaning mostly the government makes the decisions on how the citizens should be controlled, a dictatorship. On the other hand, Baletopia has a democracy system, where the people has a say along with the government.

Lastly, the biggest difference between Fahrenheit 451 and Baletopia is the way both worlds handle intellectuals. For example, in the book Fahrenheit 451 one of the government's biggest fear is reading. The government has an easy system, where they let the citizens do what they please to be happy, except for reading. The government fears if the citizens read about the past, they would want a world like it use to be. Where there was more than just happiness. If those who read, are considered intellectuals in Fahrenheit 451, then the would be exterminated. Gone. Dead. Done. Then, you have Baletopia, where if there's intellectuals that don't believe in a balanced world, they would get help. Also, their decision would be respected and very much understood by both citizens and government.

In conclusion, Fahrenheit 451 and Baletopia are completely different, due to what their purpose is, and how they are ran.