Poetry Project

Ty'Junique Jones

I Wish

i wish

I wish I had an older sister

I wish I had someone to take up for me

I wish I had someone to stay up and talk to

I wish I wasn"t the first child born

I wish had an older sister to go see during her college years

I wish I had an older sister than was a few years older than me

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I see a big bee sitting on my sunflower.

My sister touches the stem and the bee and it quicky flies away in the blue sky

I wrote a story about this bee my English teacher wrote use more of your imagination so,the next day I go to class and I mind goes on vacation.

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The process of a child to a teenager

I used to love to play with dolls

but now I hate dolls

I used to go outside and play with my friends

but now I go outside and hang out with my friends

I used to love to wearing dresses

but now I harder even think of dresses

I used to so hyper and playful

but now I'm so calm and collected

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