Mrs. Schwarzkopf's Newsletter


This week students work really hard on several skills. We rounded numbers to the tens, to the hundreds, added and subtracted on a number line, and practiced problem solvin. Whew! Talk about a week! It has been a pretty rigorous unit these past 16 days and I know that our students have given it their best and tried to absorb and learn as much information as possible. Thursday will be our major review for the unit, because our unit test will be on Friday October 23rd. Then the following week we start multiplication, the unit students have been asking for, since the first week of school!

I will be sending home letters next week that discuss the importance of practicing multiplication facts and how we will go about quizzing every week to make sure we get our 0-11 facts down. Next weeks newsletter will provide you with some tips on this.


I will be sending home a review for our science test Monday night. This is just for some additional practice and is not our official homework for the week.

Tuesday they will receive their Math homework, which is also a review for their test on Friday. Above this homework section I have placed images of the problem solving strategies that students have been taught. They use part part whole to determine if they they are adding or subtracting and the UPS check to breakdown the problem and check their answers. I also added an image of our work for adding and subtracting on a number line. This concept was a bit more difficult, but the main focus that we spoke about was when you add you jump forward. When you subtract you start with the big number on the right, then jump back to arrive to your answer.


This week we reviewed the water cycle, which they were so excited to have remembered from second grade! We also discussed and gave examples of physical and chemical changes to matter, then reviewed some concepts from unit 1. Tuesday October 20th we will have our first Unit Test in science covering Unit 1 & 2.


New Due dates written in students science fair folder

Hypothesis due: October 19

Materials due: October 26

Procedures due: November 2

Below I've placed the livebinder website again just in case you need to look at it for the next deadlines.

Upcoming Events

10/20/15 - Science Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz (Words to study are located in their Dodd folder)

10/21/15 - Science Unit 1 & Unit 2 Assessment

10/24/2015 - Math Unit 2 Assessment - Covers addition & subtraction w/regrouping, perimeter, coins, and problem solving