05/11/21 Academic Affairs Brief

Faculty & Academic Staff Email Updates Sent Bi-Weekly

This Brief Includes:

  • Smart Space - Needs For Next Year?
  • Micro-endorsement Update
  • Thank you from the CLT
  • Reminder: Only Volunteers At Commencement Saturday
  • Summer Testing, Health Pledge & Vaccination Attestation


  • Saturday, May 15th: Commencement

SMART Space - Needs for next year?

Did you know that 1 in 4 Champlain College traditional students visited Academic Support this year? 24% of our student population engages in the services we offer. Six years ago, we created a centralized academic support center to provide comprehensive services to all of our students and we are now beginning to see a culture shift - a more inclusive effort to overcome the stigma associated with “support” and normalize self-advocacy to improve academic success. We appreciate all of the Faculty who make this possible and support the work we do. If you are interested in collaborating with the SMART Space next year, please be in touch! We can develop new tutoring drop-in opportunities in your subject area, organize an embedded tutor, facilitate in-class or out-of-class workshop opportunities, and are always open to other ideas to best meet student needs.


This spring the Center for Service and Sustainability, the Leahy Center, and the SMART Space launched a pilot of three micro-endorsements in Sustainability, Systems Administrator, and Master Tutor as part of a collaboration with the Centers of Experience. Below is an update of the three pilots:

SUSTAINABILITY. 13 Eco-Reps earned the Sustainability Micro-Credential by attending weekly meetings, completing assigned outreach tasks, and developing and delivering a presentation on the connection between sustainability and their major. You can see their presentations on the Center for Service & Sustainability blog.

SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR. Leahy Center workforce members engaged in system administration roles earned the micro-endorsement upon completion of on-the-job training, demonstration of specific technical competencies, and the creation of documentation and/or training materials that contribute to the mission of the Center.

MASTER TUTOR: These 13 tutors completed 10 hours of teacher training including a lesson plan, observation, and reflection as required by the VT Agency of Education, a 50- hour practicum, and a showcase piece which you will soon see featured on Champlain’s Instagram. Know any students who would benefit from this experience next year? For more information about this program, please contact Lauren at lbruneau@champlain.edu.


As we look back at all we have accomplished as a community this year, the CLT Team is filled with awe and gratitude. We appreciate our regular partners. And what humbles us the most is realizing that 90 faculty/staff members stepped up during the last 14 months to support learning and teaching within our community. You are amazing. We love you. Please accept our sincere thank you. THANK YOU, CHAMPLAIN! (Slide presentation)


As a reminder, only the Faculty and Staff who have volunteered to work at Commencement on Saturday are permitted to attend the ceremonies on-campus. We appreciate your compliance with this health & safety protocol. Additional information and links to the livestream is available here: commencement.champlain.edu.


On Friday you received an update about COVID-19 summer regulations and additional information. The Summer plan starts on 5/17th, here is a quick recap:

  • Testing: Summer Testing (starting on 5/17) is Mondays 8:00 AM–3:00 PM & Wednesdays 11:00 AM– 6:00 PM

  • Vaccination: Vaccinated students, faculty and staff do not need to participate in weekly testing starting 5/17. Employees must submit attestation of vaccination status through the Vaccination Attestation Form in order to not participate in testing.

  • Daily Health Screening: Daily Health Screenings are not required starting on 5/17.

  • Health Pledge: In keeping with the state of Vermont’s most recent COVID-19 guidance, we have updated the Employee Health Pledge. Employees who are currently working on-campus should review and sign the Summer Employee Health Pledge.

Important Dates

  • 05/15 - Commencement