Watch DOG Dads

Everything you need to know to be a Yeager Watch DOG!

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Watch DOG Review

  1. When signing up for the Watch DOG program, please go to our sign-up genius online. We can accommodate one (1) dad per day. If the spot is taken you will have to choose another day. If a friend is signing you up, they must sign you up separately. Please do not “add” a dad in the comments section.

  2. Arrival time is at 8:15 and the day goes until 4:25. If you must leave early, we understand, however we do have you scheduled for the whole day, which includes helping with car rider at the end of the day.

  3. Every dad has a personalized schedule. This personalized schedule allows you time with your child(ren), but also has you working in other areas of the building. Please adhere to your schedule. Teachers have made accommodations for you to be in their rooms and assist during a specific time. If you are in the classroom for a longer length of time, schedules and routines can become disrupted. Please be respectful of this. We love having you, but it is important for students to maintain daily routines.

  4. When you are in the cafeteria for lunch we encourage you to eat at the classroom table with all the students. You are here as a male mentor to all our students and relaxing and eating lunch is a great way to interact with our students.

  5. Just a Reminder: Please remember to only use the adult restrooms located by the cafeteria. Student restrooms are for students only.