Gregor Mendel

Founder of Physics


Gregor Mendel was a man, born in 1822 in what would now be the Czech Republic. He was a smart child who went on to be a Monk in a monastery, but he fascinated by hereditary.

Early Years

Gregor Mendel had many struggles and successes in his life. He was described as a "gifted child" early on in his life, Gregor earned top grades in math and science, he was accepted to a boarding school even. Sadly, Gregor struggled to pay for the school himself. Later on he went to school for teaching, but he failed the test multiple times.

Experimental Design

Mendel studied heredity using the color of pea plants and hybrid apples. He used the color of pea plants to discover dominant and recessive chromosomes.



1.dominate and recessive chromosomes

2.shape of peas

3.stem lengths

This shows there is either a dominant chromosomes that show and the other is hidden or two recessive chromosomes. Changing the shape and color of the pea, and the stem length.

Reactions & Foundation

Scientists in Mendel’s time didn’t understand how the experiments with pea plants could be applied to other organisms, but Gregor’s research provided a foundation for genetics. When it was rediscovered later on. Scientists now say Mendel’s discovery fathered genetics. All the research scientists have done recently was built off of Mendel’s genetics.


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