Teacher Land

Where teachers go to get away!

Rockpile - Teacher, Teacher


  1. The country is bilingual with the main languages being spoken as French and English.
  2. There are many sports in Teacher Land, including giving homework, having students sit quietly, and running laps in the gym.
  3. The most popular of these sports is our national sport, handing out detention.
  4. The food that is eaten in Teacher Land are apples.
  5. Famous people that live in Teacher Land are Mr. Laliberte, Mrs. Bishop-Yong.
  6. The common pet in Teacher Land is a student. (AKA Teacher's pet)

Political Structure

Teacher Land is a dictatorship. There is one boss and everyone must listen to them or they pay the price.
Teacher Land is a very warm and sunny climate. The average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. The island does receive some rain during the months of January, February, and December.