Owlet News

January 28, 2016

Welcome, Jolene and Ms. Rohl

We have a new first grader joining us this year. Her name is Jolene, and we are thrilled to have her. She is full of smiles and hugs. Please encourage your child to be a helper and a good friend to Jolene. With this in mind, please increase your snack volume to accomodate 22 kiddos!

As most of you know, we also have a student teacher this spring! Ms. Rohl is a student from WSU, and she will be with us until May. She has done a fabulous job getting to know the students and is leading them in some fun activities. She has also been working with them in small groups on their Word Wall Words.

Outdoor Clothes!

Could you please wash your child's winter gear this weekend? It's about this time of year when we notice an awful stench in the halls and locker areas. It would be much appreciated if you could send all the outdoor gear though the wash soon!


Students have been working on solving subtraction story problems. This is a very tricky transition for students, as they have been working on only addition problems up to this point. We find students struggle with the comprehension of the story problem. Here are some strategies we use to tackle that.

1. Circle what you know.

2. Underline what you need to know.

3. Create a number sentence or equation.

4. Solve the problem in word and numbers.

5. Show your work.

Students will begin working on measurement and money, as well.


This week we will be wrapping up Unit 3 in our whole group reading curriculum. Students will be taking the end of the unit assessment. This is a rather long reading assessment, so we will break it down into segments throughout a few days. Students will be reading and analyzing different texts and showing their progress with phonics.

Love and Logic

This week I attended a conference on the classroom philosophy of Love and Logic. I was first introduced to this process in my undergraduate education and also took a class on Parenting with Love and Logic when I first became a mom almost six years ago. I feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to refresh my skills with the educators conference this week. The guiding principles of Love and Logic allow for
  • Shared control
  • Shared thinking
  • Empathy
  • Building self-concept

It allow children to grow through their mistakes and allows them to learn from their consequences.

With all this in mind, I have decided to eliminate the Dojo points in my classroom. I will still use the Class Story to share fun events and classroom messages, but I will no longer give students points for appropriate behavior or take away point for consequences. I can use the points to collect data on student behaviors, if you are interested in connecting with me and have specific concerns. It is a great tool, but I am not convinced that it is the best fit for me and the students.

I find that most students are motivated to do well and can really make good choices. My students know that I truly care about them, and by creating a warm, healthy classroom environment filled with a community of learners, we can be academically successful. Nevertheless, I will be offering fun rewards for the whole group when I find we are truly making great gains together. ;)

I offered two rewards this week:

1. Students had an opportunity to choose their own table spots!!

2. We will be watching Charlotte's Web. Please see the message below.

Charlotte's Web

We just finished reading the class novel Charlotte's Web. To aid in comprehension and for an exciting classroom activity, we will be watching clips of the movie on throughout the next few afternoons while students also participate in other story extending activities. Please let me know if you have a question or concern regarding this.

Valentine's Day Celebration

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day, Friday, Feb. 12th with a class card exchange in the morning, and a tea party in the afternoon. Please see the event listed below.

I sent home an updated class list for your child to write out Valentine's Day cards. I encouraged students to keep this in their BEE Binders.

We will be creating Valentine's Day boxes in first grade! This seems to take the pressure off parents to create one at home ;)

Each child will need to bring in an empty, used box (such as a cereal box, or shoe box).Here is a list of additional materials we might need:

  • 4-5 boxes of aluminum foil
  • Sparkles, glitter
  • Doilies, stickers
  • Scrapbook paper with Valentine's Day theme
  • We would be more than happy to experiment with any other materials you and your child can dream up!


Read to the One you Love Tea Party

Friday, Feb. 12th, 1:30pm

Room 108

Students are welcome to invite one loved one into our classroom for a "tea party." Students will be planning conversation pieces for this party and will be perform a quick reading piece for the group. We will have tea and treats for the party.

Please let me know if you or a loved one will be able to attend the event. We are hoping each child can bring a sweet treat to share with the whole group.

Students are also encouraged to dress up in their fancy clothes for this sweet event!

We are in this together!

I value your voice and ideas in our classroom. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns. Please, never hesitate to contact me!