The Devonian Period

By Adam Morris

So you want to travel to the Devonian period.

The Devonian period was an aquatic time in Earths history. You will need a knife, machete, running shoes, matches, boiling pot, snorkel, stand up paddle board and a swimsuit to survive. There are a few dangers though. There are dangerous fish with teeth like sharks, and dangerous plants that could give you rashes. You wont have to worry about land animals because there are mostly aquatic life.

The type of period

The Devonian period was 416 years ago and was called the age of fishes.

Earth at the time

Euramerica was formed from North America and Europe colliding in this era and created the Appalachian Mountains. Also Gondwana was formed by South America, Africa, India, and Australia. Earth was very warm and quite dry.

The plant life

There are horsetails, lithophytes, ferns, giant ferns and coral reefs

The animal life

The animals were mostly aquatic. They were Ostracodems, Dunkleasleus, and Chonodricthyes.

The first shell fish

The first shell skin fish was born in this period

After the age of fish

After the period there was a mass extinction of coral and some fish. There were no major reefs after the extinction.

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