Career Research

Education & Other Skills Needed

In order to become a cosmetologist, you need to complete high school (or GED), and at least 1600 hours of beauty school. Not only do you need to complete these requirements, but you need to have a flexible schedule, be able to lift anywhere from 10-20 pounds, and be physically flexible.

Need To Know's

Expected Starting Salary: $22,500/year

Demand for Position: High

Where can I Find This Position: You can create an in-home salon, local barber shops, etc.

Notes from the Author.

This is something I'm interested in doing, so I wanted to understand what I would need to do, how much I would make, and if it would be worth it (demand for the position.) I am interested in cosmetology because I enjoy the feeling I get when I get a new hair cut, color, etc, and it's a job that deals with meeting and socializing with many peop;e.