dixieDOTTERs Marvelous March!

March 2013

March Promotions

What a month!

Briana Eckles, GA Lead Stylist

Amie Cumming, GA Lead Stylist

Robin Plott, GA Lead Stylist

Grayson Smith, NC Lead Stylist

Shaye Swanson, VA Lead Stylist


Look at these SALES!

Lauren Sigler $9,652.00

Caroline Hester $8,013.00

Erin Perkins $7,009.00

Jennifer Cullen $6,135.00

Hope Cole $5,621.00

Lauren Lewis $5,461.00

Robin Plott $4,355.00

Ellen Pattisall $4,167.00

Cheryl Rogers $4,037.00

Marisa Maughan $3,729.00

Katherine Laskey $3,205.00


These Stylists had a new Stylist that went on to sell $500 retail or more! CONGRATS on building your team even stronger and bigger!

Hope Cole 1

Briana Eckles 1

Lauren Lewis 1

Mary Schultz 1

Elizabeth Spivey 1

Cindy Adams 1

Kimberly Bishop 1

Katherine Cadwallader 1

Jennifer Cullen 1

Amie Cumming 1

Virginia Manning 1

Robin Plott 1

Sarah Shuping 1

Angela Chapeau 1

Lauren Sigler 1

Sheree Dinkel 1

Pheniece Jones 1

Ashley Teale 1


Way to sell $2,308 retail (1500pcv+) and earn an extra 5% commission on ALL sold! Plus....rack up business supply credits and be eligible for Home Office LEADS in March! WooHoo!

Lauren Sigler VA $9,651.66

Caroline Hester GA $8,012.87

Erin Perkins VA $7,009.00

Jennifer Cullen NC $6,135.33

Hope Cole GA $5,621.12

Lauren Lewis NC $5,461.00

Robin Plott GA $4,355.00

Ellen Pattisall VA $4,166.50

Cheryl Rogers SC $4,036.63

Marisa Maughan CA $3,728.68

Katherine Laskey NC $3,205.40

Amie Cumming GA $3,114.70

Morgan Rutherford NC $3,007.50

Gina Marchi PA $2,840.00

Mary Agnes Ingold NC $2,743.00

Michele Berger NC $2,707.40

Georgia Boggs SC $2,607.00

Emily Rose VA $2,504.00

Amanda Leggette NC $2,445.00

Sarah Shuping SC $2,422.32

Rachel Arnett GA $2,365.60

Ida Harris GA $2,319.43

Cindy Adams GA $2,313.00


These new stylists all got their business started during March!

Maria McCullough

Sydney Wells

Laura Greene

Emily Jolly

Emily Rose

Lori Long

Hollie Holloway

Georgia Boggs

Kim Satterfield

Jessica Thomas

Lexi Kirby

Pam Bowers

Ashley Burleson

Katie Shelton

Renee Tyler

Heidi Fox

Melissa Huett

Jess Capps

Jumpstart Earners!!

Way to kick of your business strong ladies!!

Cecily Shaw 300

Danielle Gardner 300

Kathy Laskey 300

Emily Jolly 300

Emily Rose 300

Lori Long 300

Georgia Boggs 300

Gina Marchi 150

Julie Moon 150

Lori Quayle 150

April is here!!

Be sure to check out the summer collection feature in the lounge (http://lounge.stelladot.com/news/summer-2013-collection) for recommended sample lists, shipping schedules, and much more!!

Take a look at the list of Build It Big Locations and plan to go!

Early Bird Hoopla Registration has been extended through May 5th! You can still receive $300 in free swag!!

Thanks for all you do! Whether your goal is ONE Trunk Show a month or ONE a week or ONE a day.........we love having you on our dixieDOTTER Team! Please know I am here to help each and every one of you reach your own personal goal. Feel free to email/message me at any time.

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much" Helen Keller



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