Happy Friday!


Day to Day

1. Be present

2. Be prepared

3. Be real

4. Be a model

5. Be reflective

Think on these things. I encourage you to find ways in which you can improve on any or all of these. What we do is important and worthwhile and our students deserve the best of US that we can offer!


Cafe Haywood/Liepe

Am Front Hoagland

PM Front Christian

AM Bus Keck

PM Bus J. Edwards/Biddle

AM Rotunda Swonger

PM Rotunda Robinson

Concessions Disque

Cole Mettert


Thank you to all who have been at their assigned supervision positions! We are doing good, but our goal is to be great in this area! I love seeing the chairs/stools in the hallways! Please address language and PDA with students. Handholding and hugging goodbye are acceptable, but kissing and laying on one another is not! If you have issues, please let Rief or Josh know.

If you are unable to be at your assigned supervision for any reason, please trade with someone or let the office know immediately so we can get it covered. We cannot afford to have a situation with a student and not have someone not at their assigned area.

Monday Collaboration

Monday collaboration will be related to test security. This information will be presented by Lindy and Rief. The room will be packed because our Instructional Assistants will also be present. Please bring a pen to sign the paper saying that you have received the training. We will have this page already printed for you that you need to sign. I cannot stress how important this training is. If you are giving the test, you must do EXACTLY what the instructions say or we could be in violation.

Please plan to arrive a little before 7:20 so we can get everyone in and ready to go right at 7:20.

Josh Schache will also talk about the school evacuation procedures for September 30th.


Fire drill is Wednesday 2nd period.

(We did not want to have a fire drill while students are giving blood on Thursday)



Miss Match Monday with Amazing Race in the evening at 6:30

(Wear mismatch clothes)


Decade Day with Color Run in the afternoon at 3:30

(Dress in your favorite decade)


Destination Day with Dodgeball at 6:30 in main gym

(Destinations are:

12th is Beach,

11th is Safari

10th Hollywood (red carpet)

9th (‘Merica)

Staff destination OUTER SPACE!!


Squad Day or Duo Day with Parade and Bonfire Activities starting at 6

Dress up as a squad (example: Charlie’s angels or M&M’s guys) or famous duo


Crazy Blue and Gold Day with Game in the evening

Pep session 5th period--Get ready to watch the teacher team-DRESS CODE DESTROYERS-take on the students!! Dodgenbaugh (yes, that's me) will be holding tight to the back court line so as not to get hit! Hopefully with this strategy, I will be one of the last ones standing!

Friday Bell Schedule-No Academic Lab

1st: 7:45-8:53

2nd: 8:59-10:07

3rd: 10:13-11:21

4th: 11:26-1:04

A Lunch: 11:27-11:52

B Lunch: 11:56-12:21

C Lunch: 12:39-1:04

5th: 1:10-2:18

Assembly: 2:28-2:58

September 30th PD

7:30-8:30 Indiana State Police presentation—Run, Hide, Fight

8:30-9:30 Evacuation to ENMS

9:30-11:30 4 rotations

Amanda Charles IEP information

Fire Chief Riehm Fire safety information

Kris DeLong DCS information

Samantha Jarrett PowerSchool Pro

Weekly Info

Monday- I am in Indy all day.

Wednesday-Picture retake day

Wednesday-Community Concert 9:30-10:30 (band and choir students)

Wednesday-Fire drill 2nd period

Thursday-Blood Mobile

Friday-Pep session (students will be released from 5th period starting at 2:20)

Students in the Mail Room/Teacher Lounge

Just a friendly reminder that students should not be in the teacher's lounge or mail room. If you need something picked up from your teacher box and you send a student, please have the student ask a secretary to get it for them.


Thanks for remembering to turn off everything in your room before you leave for the weekend (computer screens, power strips, projectors, blinds shut). We are doing very well, but I'd love to have a report back from John Arnold that said he had nothing to report!!

Five short training video reminder

Please remember that you are required to watch training videos on Blood Borne Pathogens, Sexual harassment, Bullying, Gang Awareness and Confidentiality by September 30th.

Round Table Cafe

Cheeseburger Soup

Salad Bar

Basil Butter Bread

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Shooters with a chocolate covered pretzel.

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