Wakeland Band and Color Guard

Band Banquet 2017-2018

Band Banquet

In order to attend the banquet, the Members are reminded their accounts must be in good standing (currently enrolled in band/guard, no arrears; outstanding unpaid fees) in order for their Banquet RSVP to be accepted.

Please contact: booster-assistanttreasurer@wakelandband.com if you need to settle your account in advance of the Banquet RSVP deadline.

No Younger Sibling policy:

This event is a semi-formal dinner/banquet with the sole purpose of honoring and celebrating the achievements of our current Band and Guard students. The only exception to the "no younger sibling" policy is if the younger sibling is a current Wakeland HS student not enrolled in the Wakeland Band. Middle School/Elementary School (or younger) siblings are not permitted to attend. Any High School-aged sibling is expected to sit on the “Adult Side” of the Banquet room.

No Alcohol allowed in the banquet hall.

Student Dress Code Expectations to represent with excellence:

Male: Dress Suit & tie or 'Sunday best'. No jeans, shorts, tennis shoes or flip-flops. No caps, bandannas, etc.

Female: Modestly cut in the front so as not to show too much cleavage; plunging necklines are not allowed.

- Two-piece or see-through/mesh tops or bra-top type dresses are not acceptable; Midriffs should not be exposed in front, back or side. All dresses must cover the midriff region with no sheer fabric.

- Dresses should not be cut lower than the midriffs or the top of the waist in the back.

- No dresses with cut-outs in the front, back or sides of the dress.

- Dresses may not have a slit on the side, in the front or back that is higher than fingertip length in a standing position.

- Dresses may not be cut below the bust line on the sides.

- No cover-ups (coats, shawl, wraps, etc.) will be allowed over dresses in order to make them meet the dress code.

- Strapless dresses, spaghetti strap dresses, one strap dresses and/or halter top dresses that have none of the above-mentioned violations ARE ALL APPROVED dresses. - if you have questions ask Mrs. Seneca

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