Differentiated in Social Studies

Tools for Differentiation


ThingLink is a web-based tool for embedding multimedia content in an image or collection of images. The image-embedding process, for both teachers and students, simply involves uploading an image and linking it to other resources on the web. Links can lead users to informational webpages, audio recordings, and videos. Prompts guide users most of the way, and there's a Search Content option, which helps support the embedding process with links to commonly used web resources.

Example ThingLink

Interactive map

Click here for the Andriod App.

Click here for the iPad/iPhone App

Tour Builder by Google


Use Google Earth to create a virtual tour of......



Take a video and embed questions.



Stupeflix is a web application to make awesome videos in a few clicks.
Select a video style, pick photos, videos, music, add text, and you're done.

You can import photos, videos from your computer or from the web. You can use photos from your Facebook, Dropbox, Picasa or Flickr accounts. You can even use your webcam to record.
Add a soundtrack by uploading a song or choosing one from our library. You can also add a voice-over file or use our computer voices that will read your text.
Then tell your story with text slides and captions on top of photos and videos.

Stupeflix example

Replay Example

Stupeflix as an iPhone/iPad sister named Replay.


  • Talk into the app and it will set it to a rap song beat.
  • Uses:
  • Create a parody to communicate results - can be put on YouTube.
  • iPad and Android App

Tools for Formative Assessment


App and site

App for scanning in class

Site for setting up questions, showing questions, and viewing reports.


Online game that is good for review and quizzes.

getakahoot.com - teacher/creation side

kahoot.it - student/player side

YouTube 360 Videos

Watch videos in 360

Grand Canyon

Search Virtual Reality videos

Other ideas based on Conversation

Digital Graphic Organizres

Holly Curry

Digital Learning Specialist