Beautiful Tejas Land for Sale!!

Only 12.5 cents/acre!!!

Here's a quick description!

This beautiful, spacious land is located towards the Gulf of Mexico. Near Mister Austin's colony, it's covered in almost perfect grasslands with a couple of trees and a nearby pond. The weather in this area is always bright and sunny outside! This place is perfect for anyone looking for a nice place to stay in good old Tejas.

Why exactly should you buy this land?

There could be a million reasons why you should buy and settle on this land! One is because of all the alluring sights of nature. I've found it quite to be a liking. Plenty of fresh berries and other fruits are naturally growing here. So there's plenty of food here. For example, say it's a hot, sunny day in Tejas, and your desperate for some sweet potatoes. You could go outside and find a patch right at your doorstep! Waking up everyday and smelling the piney air, tasting the salty air in the morning.

Who is this land for?

  • Spanish! especially the Spanish! Why? Well obviously with the reputation of the country, obviously you want the fanciest, loveliest land for yourselves...
  • A family! This land is very family oriented with little crime.
  • Almost everyone is buying land in Tejas! It's popular with most people looking for the perfect place to settle down.
  • Kind hearted folks. You must be a good character. Mister Austin does not like those cold hearted people out there and has very strict rules and punishments!

It's that simple! Really, it its...

Are you interested in this land yet? If your not, your either blind , or you just didn't even bother to read this flyer! If you are interesting in buying land you can contact me by sending a letter to the San Jose Mission in San Antonio!