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Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a fantastic break. I am rested and rejuvenated and excited to be back with you all! Can't wait to hear about your break!


  • Work Day: GRADES DUE AT 11:00. Please make sure there are NO blank grades (--) in your grade book. This will require a form to be filled out by you for the Registrar for every one of these that shows up. More info below. (Art/Mark: 9th grade PE Scores uploaded)
  • ANY strategy for advisory rosters needs to be communicated with Lori ASAP.
  • Schedule a time for the office to meet with the 12 new students sometime this week.
  • SEL Lessons will start NEXT week.
  • Start thinking about HOPE Award nominees.
  • Office: Work on Alex's emails, thank yous from last semester, etc.
  • Question: Do we want to offer the Pre-ACT on an OPT-IN basis for 9th and 10th graders?
  • Due to virtual enrollment at LA, let's not forget the conversation about what it takes to earn credit at LA and how we take attendance for knowledge purposes. See this document for detailed information.
  • DMS ELA class looking for speakers on RESILIENCY and wondered if we had a STUDENT that would be willing to talk to a class on JANUARY 9th. LET ME KNOW if you have any ideas...


  • First day of second semester. We are welcoming 12 new students this semester.
  • Meet briefly after school to determine the HOPE Award winners for this year. If you can't attend, email me or tell someone who you'd like to nominate.





Safe Schools Due 1/24

Secondary Staffing Conversations--Talk to me if you have an idea.

NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

Panorama Survey

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GRADE SAVING INSTRUCTIONS: Final/Exit Gradebooks by 11

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HOPE Award Nominations Due!

I have to submit our HOPE Award winners by Friday!

HOPE Award Categories and Descriptions

Personal Initiative

· Motivated to do personal best at all times

· Demonstrates perseverance in reaching a goal to improve in a subject area/behavior

· Displays a high level of respect for self and others


· Met a significant challenge during the school year

· Attended school regularly and achieved personal success

· Maintained a positive attitude during a difficult time


· Demonstrates compassion, care and kindness to others

· Sees the needs of others and tries to meet those needs

· Displays a selfless attitude by putting others before self

Integrity (secondary only)

· Behaves as a positive role model for other students through attitudes and actions

· Concerned for the success of school groups and events rather than personal recognition

· Acts honorably and honestly toward fellow students and staff

Community Service (secondary only)

· Devotes time, leadership and commitment to a community organization

· Actively involved in making the world a better place through service

· Encourages others to participate in community service/charitable organizations

LA Staff Member of the Year!

As we have in the past, LA will have ONE staff member represent LA as the Staff Member of the Year. Please start thinking about who you would like to nominate. Basically, if you are a District employee and work at LA, you are eligible for this nomination! Details to come!

Security Reminders

A few reminders from Gary Majors:
  • Route students and visitors through the front doors at all times.
  • We should NEVER be giving keys to students. Please radio for assistance if a space needs to be opened for someone. Justin is readily willing to help out in these situations.
  • We should NEVER be giving students our badges. If you want a student to enter a door other than the front, radio for assistance with that entry.
  • Students should never use the radios regardless of purpose. If we let them use them for a productive/legitimate dialogue with another staff member, it is contrary to the rule that students do not use radios thus blurring the lines for them.

On a whole, I think we did much better with this last semester. Let's continue to improve!