Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Disease


Cardiovascular disease is also known as heart disease. There are several different types of this disease and they are heart attack, angina, heart failure, and arrhythmia's. Heart disease is the biggest cause of death in the US.

Signs & Symptoms

The five major symptoms of heart disease are pain in the jaw, neck, or back, feeling weak ,light headed, or faint, chest pain or discomfort, pain in the arms and shoulders, and shortness of breath. Some things put people at a higher risk of getting a heart disease such as diabetes, overweight or obesity, poor diet, physical inactivity, and excessive alcohol use.
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More About Heart Disease

Heart disease is a non-infectious disease. Heart disease affects the heart when the blood supply to the heart is cut off it can result in a heart attack. To prevent this from happening you can eat a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, don't smoke, and limit alcohol use. Heart disease can be hereditary. The treatment for heart disease includes surgeries, medication, and care after your surgeries.