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My Frends

This site is aimed at all those who wish to have a place of their own to meet up with friends or to promote reading. Nothing is forbidden. Everything is allowed except to attack a person or racism.Thank you!


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In addition to all the activities of daily living, we need and socializing with their peers. social networks have offered this chance to all but the majority lose sight of one thing, that everything you post are just for the moment. Most of the times if you do two or three days you can no longer read or see things that were posted during this time. In fact it is very hard to find texts, pictures, etc. in tulmutul posts. Therefore, in the spring I thought to create such a network with cultural twist, but not to exclude entirely and other activities. The texts to be able to easily find, just getting on the profile of what he posted. Such tags will be a great help, or simply a search on the site. All these people who have signed up on the site already know them.