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March 25, 2020 Covid Quarantine Week 2

Invite me to your Team Meetings! I would love to join!

My Office Hours

I will be on zoom most of the time from 8-3:30 at https://zoom.us/j/8153946674 and you are welcome to drop in and say hi! You can ask questions, share your screen, I can share my screen, we can chat, whatever!

Just FYI- I will take a break each day from approximately 11:30am to 12:30pm for lunch and a daily DLC check-in!

You are also welcome to send emails with questions!

If you need help, please let me know.

If you Checked out ANY equipment to take home...

If you checked out equipment to take home you should have filled out a paper form with your employee ID number and the FISD tag number of what you took.

We ALSO need you to complete the digital form for each item. So if you took a laptop and a doc cam, you need to fill out the form twice. You can find the form here.


I am updating the eLearning Resources Smore I sent out Friday as I get information. I have had several updates since then about tools you can use for free.

The district Communication Guidelines have also been updated since they came out last week- Canvas conferences are OUT (they get overloaded and shut down quickly) and Google Hangouts Meet is IN (Google actually changed their tool last week making it more educator friendly.)

Also, the DLCs are compiling a master list of resources. It is pretty long- more comprehensive than mine, and I have linked a button to it at the top of my eLearning Resources Smore.

Remind Issues- Messages Going to Wrong People

I have seen a few of these issues already. If this happens, contact your student by email, and let them know that they should contact Remind help at support@remindhq.com and fix their phone number (or their parents phone number if that is where the issue lies) This is happening because people change phone numbers mid-year and do not update the district information in our Student Information System.

Students submitting photos of work

If students are submitting photo in a file format you cannot see, you might try the advice below. You can also have them use a tool like the CamScanner App that will take a picture and turn it into a PDF.

Have something a student already submitted that needs converting? Check out https://cloudconvert.com/heic-to-jpg

Big picture


Are your kids skipping your lesson plans and running straight to Google Classroom/Canvas/Whatever to try to guess what their work is?

You may want to put something at the top of your canvas, classroom, etc to remind them what they need to be looking at. If they lose that big lesson plan document, they can always find it by visiting the lTHS web site. Under the Staff tab is a link to the Covid-19 page and that is where the link is. It is also a news item at the bottom of the page and it is linked in the pop up announcement front and center when they hit our page.

Big picture

LockDown browser for College Board

If a student needs the LockDown browser for college board and they are on a Chromebook they borrowed from us, it is now installed.

Students can install on their own device from this site- https://apclassroom.collegeboard.org/lockdown

Please note that if all they have is their own chromebook, there is not a way for them to get the browser.

HelpDesk Tickets

There is currently nobody monitoring HelpDesk tickets. Please do not submit these. They will go into a black hole.

We are working an alternate system for help requests should our quarantine continue.