Teaching with Tech Summer Institute

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Sponsored by SD#38 (Richmond)

The 'Teaching With Tech Summer Institute' is a one day series of workshops geared towards K-12 educators who want to broaden their technological abilities. Chris Loat, Janice Novakowski, Gordon Powell and Lisa Schwartz will present a variety of sessions about the integration of technology into the curriculum. Sessions will include integrating iPads, creating SmartBoard lessons, using web2.0 tools, researching online, using social media, troubleshooting of technology and more.

Registration for Richmond school district educators is now available on Richnet. $10.00 registration fee (payable on Aug. 28th). Lunch will be provided. Registration for out of district educators is available online or at http://goo.gl/JIZV4.

Contact Chris Loat (cloat@sd38.bc.ca) for more information or follow @sd38summertech on twitter.

Teaching with Tech Summer Intitute

Wednesday, Aug. 28th, 8:30am-3pm

Blair Elementary School, 6551 Lynas Lane, Richmond, B.C., V7C 3K8

For more information, contact Chris Loat (cloat@sd38.bc.ca) or follow @sd38summertech on twitter.