Mexican Anabolic Steroids

Using Mexican Anabolic Steroids Safely – Understanding Steroid Abuse And How To Avoid It

Most people who use Mexican anabolic steroids are quick to down-play their side-effects. Some of them even claim that the medical experts who speak about the side-effects are either inherently biased or don’t understand non-medical steroid use. Such a cavalier attitude is dangerous because it can expose someone to the very side-effects which they are discounting.

The undisputable fact is that steroids can have side effects – some of them quite debilitating. However, the side-effects do not occur because steroids are inherently dangerous. They arise (as it is with alcohol or prescription drugs) from abuse. Therefore, in order to use steroids safely, it is important to understand how they can be abused, and how to avoid such abuse.

What is steroid abuse?

Steroid abuse is basically pumping excessive amounts of steroids in the bloodstream within a relatively short time. The term “excessive” may vary from person to person. An example is of a person who has just started using steroids, and moves from zero to 100mg within a week. Because steroids contain the hormone testosterone, introducing large amounts in the body can alter the hormonal balance of the body. The body has to adjust all its functions to accommodate the large amounts of testosterone. When that occurs, the body soon becomes dependent on large amounts of testosterone to even function properly thus leading to addiction. Excessive amounts of steroids can also put a strain on the liver thus leading to liver problems.

What causes steroid abuse?

There two major causes of steroid abuse. The first is ignorance of the potential danger of abuse. As mentioned earlier, most steroid users discount the documented side-effects as hogwash. Also, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether someone has overdosed themselves with steroids because there is no immediate reaction. A drug or alcohol overdose, for instance, can cause someone to throw up or even pass out; there is no similar immediate reaction for excessive steroid dosages. Therefore, it can actually be difficult for someone to realize that they are actually pumping excessive amounts of steroids in their bodies.

The second reason (and the most likely) is short-term focus. Most steroid users consider it as a quick fix. They want to see tangible results in a matter of weeks. Some also want to see significant increases in their muscular build without putting in effort in terms of exercise. Such people take excessive amounts of steroids in order to give them the desired results within the short term. The problem is, they not only get the results, they get the addiction, and side effects as well.

What are the Types of Steroid Abuse?

There are two major types of abuse. The first takes the form of using increasing amounts of the drug within a relatively short time. For instance, a user can move from 20mg to 60mg within three days. This rapid increase in amounts does not give the body adequate time to adjust to the relative increases in the amount of steroids in the bloodstream.

The second (and most common) type of abuse is combination steroid use. With this approach, a person uses two or more different types of steroids simultaneously. For instance, a person can take oral pills while at the same time using injectables and creams. People who practice combination steroid use claim that it gives them faster results. This is actually true, but the faster results come at the price of addiction.

How Can Someone Avoid Steroid Abuse?

The first step towards avoiding steroid abuse is to acknowledge the potential risks of steroid abuse. With such acknowledgement usually comes a sense of responsibility which can lead to moderation.

The second step is to realize that steroids alone cannot give someone their desired body shape or size. Shaping up requires the appropriate amounts of exercise, working out and nutrition. Steroids can offer faster muscle growth, endurance and quick recovery from work-out related injuries. However, they can never become a substitute for persistence and hard work.

Mexican anabolic steroids have side-effects which most users are quick to downplay. These side-effects often result from steroid abuse. Abuse occurs when excessive amounts of steroids are pumped into the bloodstream within a short time. To avoid abuse, a person needs to acknowledge the dangers of abuse, and realize that steroids are not a quick fix, but should be used in combination with proper nutrition and exercise.

My Name is Annette Durango. I have been a personal fitness trainer for the last 8 years. In that time period, I have helped scores of people to increase their muscular build with the aid of Mexican anabolic steroids. My passion is empowering people to use steroids safely so that they can enjoy the benefits without running any risks.

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