Fourth Grade Fundamentals

April 30


Looking Ahead to May & June: Please check your calendars to be sure that doctor appointments have not been scheduled on the testing days noted below:)

May 3 Spirit Night at Chick Filet
May 9 STAAR Math

May 10 STAAR Reading......celebrate by joining us for Spirit Night at Zoe's Kitchen:)

May 11 STAAR Make Up

May 12 Deadline for meeting 25 Book Challenge

May 13 ALL library books are due

May 20 Field Day

May 24 4th grade Awards at 8:15 a.m.

May 25 Career Day

June 2 Last Day of School



The next quiz will be on Friday, May 6. We are still working on the following two concepts:

Brown Couch - words that have either "ou" or "ow" vowel digraph OR

Two-syllable words that end in the "le" sound

Science News

This week in science the students have been exploring animal adaptations. They had the opportunity to adapt their own bodies as they "Built Their Wild Self." Ask your child how they changed their bodies and why they think it will help them survive in their new environment! We used the website: if they want to continue with this at home.


This week we have been examining how an author uses text structures to convey information. Some common text structures are cause and effect, compare and contrast, sequencing of events, problem/solution, and description. We are realizing that an author purposefully chooses certain structures so that the reader can better understand the information. Many times, the author will use several of these structures in one article.

Note about 25 Book Challenge: The deadline is May 12. How close is your reader?


This week we read about the history of the cattle industry in Texas. The history really began in the 1600's when the Spanish explorers and missionaries started bringing cattle to Texas. Their cattle mixed with the breed brought by the Anglo Americans in the early 1800's.....and (you guessed it)......we have a new breed called the Texas longhorn. We also read about cattle drives and the invention of barbed wire.


In math this week we have been deep problem solvers! We have shared multiple strategies to solve word problems. We also know that there is more than one way to solve problems! .