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Tech Troubleshooting Tips from Mrs. Francis

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Clear Touch Panels

All of our Clear Touch panels have been installed! YAY!

I know there are still a lot of questions out there about how to use the panels. Kim Lochbaum will be here on Tuesday, October 30th and will meet with each team during their planning to answer any of your questions! It will be a great working time to practice using the Clear Touch panels and creating resources to use in your classrooms!

Check out this Google Slides presentation for more information about your Clear Touch Panel

Click on the presentation below to find answers to these questions:

-What are all the buttons on the front of my Clear Touch panel?

-How do I control the volume?

-How do I customize my panel's desktop?

-How do I annotate and write on the panel?

-How do I convert flipcharts?

-What are all the different tools in Note?

The Clear Touch Panel Quick References and FAQs link below also has answers to many of these questions!