Extreme Water Crisis in Bangladesh

Rivers of Bangladesh Poisoned by Shrimp Farms

Shrimp Farms Ruin Rivers

Bangladesh has multiple freshwater rivers, but the shrimp farms ruin the salinity of the water. Shrimp farms make the water undrinkable because of the salt added making them basically saltwater rivers.There is also a poison called Arsenic poison a substance that causes cancer and damages vital systems of the body found in the groundwater. The government is changing some things like adding markers to show unsafe drinking areas and more than 100,000 places have been marked. They should however be researching the arsenic poison and limiting the allowed exposure. One possible solution that could fix this outright would be to move the shrimp farms south to add the salt directly into the ocean, and also find a treatment or cure for Arsenic.

Bangladesh Water Sttatistics


-97% of people have access to water

-40% percent have proper sanitation.

-60% have unsafe drinking water

-the accessibility of this water greatly changes during the year

-80% available for agriculture

-poisoning affects 30-35 million people in Bangladesh

-poison deaths are for about every 1 in 5 people in Bangladesh

-Bangladesh is south of India in Asia