Henri Poincaré

Physicist Research Mini Project

Birth, Place and Death

Born on April 29, 1854 in Nancy, France.

Died on July 17, 1912

Degree / Degrees Earned

Graduated from Lycee in 1871 with a bachelors degree in letters and sciences.

Graduated from University of Paris with an ordinary engineer degree.

Major Contributions to Physics

Complex Functions, Number Theory, Algebraic and Differential Geometry. Many Mathematics. Including Celestial Mechanics.


Henri Poincaré contributions to the theory of complex functions, to number theory, algebraic and differential geometry. Henri Poincaré work influenced current science because we wouldn't know how to solve the numbers or get the actual thing we are looking for. We wouldn't know how to do the algebra. All the equations we know or how to solve was all because of Henri Poincaré. We wouldn't know how to even work numbers in Science.