The Kosciusko National Park

Why Your School Should Visit For An Excursion


Many stage 3 students in many schools are learning HSIE. Teachers now bring students to rainforests like one in Canberra as an excursion but have you considered visiting Kosciusko National Park? We recommend you teachers to bring students here for a excursion or even a camp! Students can learn the climate of this area, how endangered animals live and much more.


Sustainability is a very major thing in society. Students can learn this here at Kosciusko National Park!


Children can learn how animals that live in the Kosciusko National Park survive. Even ones that are endangered too! Examples of animals are Bogong moths, Corroboree Frog and the Pygmy Possum. Student can learn the past situations like how they had been endangered and many other facts.

Where to start

This education program recommend well behaved students to come. We will also accept a maximum of parents and teachers to come too. Because this is for the greater education for students in the future, we will pay for 75% of all For who is coming. A bus will arrive on the December of 15 and will arrive at 7 o'clock on the dot. If you sin up on the website The cost for the bus and for coming together will be only for $20 for a night and $30 for 3 nights. Well can't wait to see you there and we hope you have a fun time if you come.

Sincerely, The Creative Public Relations Company.