Hey Kids! Wanna learn stuff today?

Well get you gear out for a day of fun and learning.

Today, we'll be looking at probability and percentages! That's cool.

Probability is lots of fun and when you do your lessons with Mr Gibson, be sure to ask some questions, because he'll try to answer them for you. Always set your work out neatly, otherwise you'll confuse yourself. You don't want that do you?

Check out these happy class members

So sit down and get ready for a fun day.

Be sure to be ready for each lesson. That way we can get through our activities, including Maths, English, Science, Buddies and Japanese.

We are 6G. We are working!

In 6G, everyone gives everything their best shot, even if they don't understand the whole task. It's important to try your best because you need to know what to improve on.