3-d printing

Ashley 3thrd hower

hi am Ashley and i will tel you abowt 3-d printers

Iwontid to do my topik on 3-d printers becus i nevr now that it igistid

what can you print whith a 3-d printer ?

you can print anything you wont to print

dos a 3-d printer print off food that you can eat?

yes a 3-d printer can it can print any food or candy you wont and it is ok to eat it is

how dos it woke?

thar is a buch of skanrs tha skands evry litol detalls

hoew much dos a 3-d printer cost?

$50000 for oen

how meny wirs dos it have ?

it has100 wirs

dos a 3-d printer rilley igzist?

yes it dus