Mrs. Shorter's Showcase

A Weekly Skills Agenda for the week of Dec. 7-11, 2015

Last Week in Review

Last week we began learning about American Christmas traditions. First we put up our Christmas tree and learned about evergreen trees and bushes. We explored evergreen samples using our senses. Ask your child to tell you two important things about evergreen trees. Next, we made decorations for it. Each decoration represented an American Christmas tradition. We went to see Seussical the Musical at the Children's Theater. It was captivating. We began learning about measurement (length and height). We focused on letters E, Q, U, and K. We counted to 70 by 10s and 1s.

Important Dates and Reminders/Homework

Important Dates and Reminders:

Dec. 9-Christmas Colors Day (Wear Christmas colors)

Dec. 14-Christmas Party (students only)


Review all letters and sounds introduced

Review number recognition 1-20

Count to 100 by 10s and 1s

Practice listening for and saying all sounds in words (ex. Shoe=sh-oo; Cat=c-a-t)

Review all sight words introduced

Read from reading folder, poetry folder, and Ziploc bag of books

Our Week in Pictures

Teaching This Week...

Language Arts/Writing:

Standards #s: RLK 1-10; RIK 1-10; RFK 1a-d, RFK 2a-d1, 3a-d; WK 2-3, 7-8; SLK 1a-b, 2-6; LK 1a-f, 2a-d, 4a, 5a-d, 6


Letters/sounds-Vv, Ww, Yy, Xx, Zz

Word building- chunking short "u" and "e"

Sight Words- run, big

Phonemic Awareness:

Hearing all sounds in words

Hearing rhyming words

Concepts of Print:

Punctuation marks (. , ? !)


Publishing "true" stories

Adding details to the story

Using spaces between words/Using punctuation marks


Standards #s: KCC 1,3, 4a-c, 5-7; KOA3; KMD2-3; KG 1-4


Length and Height


Shapes (flat and solid)

Characteristics of Shapes


Christmas Traditions


We will have a Christmas party with a breakfast theme on December 14. Please send a stocking with your child this week. Each student is asked to send $5.00 to cover food for the party. Jolene will be sending out a SignUp Genius for help with supplies. We will not be exchanging gifts; however, I would love to fill the stockings with fun items. Please send in stocking stuffers for 19 students or enough to fill 11 boy stockings or 8 girl stockings. You are welcome to send goody bags or things to go under the tree for the boys and girls if you'd like as well.

Polar Express Day is coming soon. This will be a pajama day for us. I'll provide a special snack on this day as well as part of our compliments day treat.