Throwback Thursday

Retro just became cool

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Travel through the decades and enter the good ole' days!

Do it yourself Lava Lamps, Tie-Dye Shirts - Oh My! These are only two cool projects reminiscent of the 'olden days' that our students will get to create.

This ECA will take our students back to a time before iPhones, tablets and other devices. Specifically designed for our older students we will take them on an enlightening journey through the swinging sixties, seventies, rockin' eighties and alight them in the nineties.

Through a myriad of activities including arts, retro music moments, model-making and games they will appreciate the real meaning of the 'golden oldie.'

This is guaranteed to be a fun packed, educational ECA where we ask our older students to enter an era they have little knowledge about, but, at the end they have full appreciation of!

Throwback Thursday

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 3pm

41 Sunset Way


Who: Grade 7 - Grade 10

Bring: An open mind and a carefree attitude

Minimum: 4 students

Total cost: $250.00 (8 sessions)