Sight Words

The Impact on Fluency and Comprehension Development

What are sight words and why are they important?

Sight words can impact a student's fluency and comprehension development. These words are words that students will need to learn and be able to recognize when they see them. Sight words can be words that an individual cannot sound out in order to figure out the word. These words are some of the factors that make readers good readers based on if they have a wide enough comprehension of words and vocabulary. Sight words are words that are used in every day communication, but are words that you may not be able to sound out and pronounce correctly.

How To Teach Sight Words

Here is a video that explains an option of how to teach sight words. This allows you to see some of the many details and factors that go into the process of both teaching and learning sight words.
How to Teach Sight Words | Reading Lessons

Sight Word Resources

Finding creative ways to introduce and teach sight words can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your kids interested and excited in learning new words. Pinterest is a great go to source to keep the creativity flowing.

Here are a few links to to help get you started:

Word Wall

Word walls can assist students with learning to use and spell words that are new to them. A few different types of word walls that you can use are:

  • ABC
  • Literature-Based
  • Traveling
  • Around The Door
  • Ceiling
  • Word Study
  • Word Stairs

Some actively engaging activity examples to use along with word walls include: creating stories, daily journaling, sign language, bingo, guess the word, chants, be the teacher, word wall tiles, and scavenger hunts. These are ways to help keep new words and words that students are currently learning visible. They are also there for them to practice the spelling and to become accustomed to seeing them in their every day environments.

Ashley Johnson

I am an elementary education major with a concentration in reading at East Carolina University. Teaching is my passion, and I strive to help my students see the success they can achieve and all of the potential they have.