MCCYO Membership Responsibilities

We are fortunate to have the opportunity play at Our Lady of Lourdes Gym, their generosity is much appreciated by MCCYO. This is a privilege that must not be abused.

The players and cheerleaders of MCCYO are the beneficiaries of Lourdes' kindness and MCCYO will not tolerate CYO players or parents not abiding by the rules.

All members are asked to help enforce the rules by providing courteous reminders to players and fans of both our team as well as the visiting team.

Your cooperation and assistance in this task would be greatly appreciated and our ability to use the gym depends upon it.

  • No smoking on school grounds, you MUST EXIT THE PARKING LOT to smoke.
  • No unsupervised children outside the building.
  • No sliding down the grass bank outside the school.
  • No one in the hallways of the school, at anytime.
  • No unsupervised children in the lobby.
  • No one on the stage.
  • No playing in the Grotto.
  • No food in the gym.
  • No sports drinks, only water. (Players are not allowed to keep 'unopened' sports drinks in the gym, we ask that they put them in the lobby or in their vehicles. It is our policy to dispose of sports drinks at the bench in the gym.)

In MCCYO's many years out at Lourdes we have found that people are more than happy to comply with the rules, they just may not know them, or they may need to be reminded. Please do not be afraid to approach someone who is not in compliance...our program depends upon it.