Best Video Games of 2015

My personal favorite games of this year


Hello, I am a gamer and have played many games this year. This is introduction intended to help people with Christmas shopping and a good game to enjoy. I will give 5 of my favorite this year.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

This game is one of the most hyped up games this year, so Trearch had a lot to live up to with this installment of the franchise. I think they succeeded. The game has lots going for it, a great multiplayer, awesome zombies mode, and a cool campaign. My favorite is the multiplayer with all the new moves and characters. This is one that is a great pick for Christmas.
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Destiny: the Taken King

This is the latest installment in the Destiny universe. This game fixes many of the problems with the original Destiny and adds new stuff to explore. This includes a new exploitable area, new guns, and a new enemy. This game is pretty cool and worth the money.
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Fallout 4

Fallout 4 id pry one of the most anticipated games of 2015, and it is worth it. The open world and new features like crafting and building make it a quite extensive game. And if you want ti create a truly interesting experience, there are mods to make the game have a little more, anything really. This game is defiantly a must for fans of the series or people looking for an awesome time.
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Star Wars Battlefront

This game, is well one of the best gaming star Wars experiences ever. The graphics are great, the assortment of multiplayer modes is truly astonishing, and there is lots of fun in the game. It is also a great game to play with friends, like lots of friends because there are modes that need sooooo many people. This game is just a blast.
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Super Mario Maker

This title for the Nintendo Wii U is one of the best on the console, not that there are that many. This game is a Mario game in which the levels are created by you! You can also play friends levels and also community levels. Think of a cooler Mario. This is one that kids may like and is also a great game for people wanting more of a challenge in Mario.
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These games are awesome and deserve a play. If one of these suits your Christmas needs then that's great. Anyway thanks for reading this and have a Merry Christmas!