Be More Awesome

Join the Be More Awesome fun club!

Heya, peeps!

Are you looking for something else to do during the summer (other than watching Netflix until 3 am) ? The Be More Awesome club is full of the opportunity to try new things!

  • Have a Bake Sale
  • Actually eat 6 saltines in one minute
  • Volunteer at the animal shelter
  • Anything else that you can come up with!

Hope you think about joining!

Jobs and Roles

We want everyone to take part in the fun!

Here are the different jobs that you can choose

  • Designer
  • Membership Manager
  • Photographer
  • Website Manager
  • Editor
  • Planner
  • Vote Collecter
  • Secretary
  • Tresurur
  • Operator


Have any questions or need help?