Miami Indian Tribe

James and Rex

Famous Leader

The Miami's most famous leader is little turtle. He was born 1747, Fort Wayne. Sadly he died at age 65. He was the most famous military leaders of his time.

the Miami Tribe Medicine

Medicine was a huge part of there religion. They believe that medicine bundles filled with magical objects were important to their ceremonies. Shamans put the illness into a small bone or small shell. They used plant materials to make their own remedies.

Some pictures of Miami medicine

Fun [yet strange] facts about the Miami Indians!

Did you know when the Miami won a battle they would eat one of their enemies?!

Did you know that the Miamis try to expand their family?!

Did you know that the Miamis shamans pretend to suck the sickness out of the sick person?!


The Miami Indian's government were one chief for war and the other for peace. The peace chief was elected by the people and the war chief was elected by other warriors. If a war chief failed to raid another village his reputation down.The village chief lived in the highest ranking village.


Their houses where wigwams. Wigwams are made out of bark and wood poles. It depends on the size of the wigwam to know how much people can fit inside but probably a small one can hold about 25-30 people


The Miami Indian's consists of animals plants and sometimes humans. The plants they ate were beans, squash, pumpkins, tobacco and corn. They hunted bison, elk and deer. The humans ate were hostages


The Miami's woman wore skirts, moccasins and leggings. The men wore breech cloths. They wore headdresses and their hair in Mohawks.


The Miamis fought in many wars. The most famous battle is the northwest Indian battle. Sometimes they ate their hostages they got from a war. Also they fought with Anthony Wayne at one point in little turtle's life.


No they were not nomadic but they were forced to move to Oklahoma

Where did they live

The Miami tribe lived in Indiana,Ohio,Michigan,Illinois and Wisconsin. They were forced to leave and go to oklahoma