Animal Farm

Emily Stewart


Boxer is a hardworking , dedicated horse that put forth all of his effort until he fell to the ground in exhaustion and sickness. He also is a very respectful animal and even though Napoleon did things unworthy of respect he always respected him and his rules as his motto's were " I will work harder " and " Napoleon is always right. " He was a very unique animal due to his refusal to quit and his constant work effort each day on Animal Farm.


The main reason i feel why the animals always ended in bad situations was because there literacy rate was really low , only few animals could read and that caused them to be constantly confused . One of the examples of this would be when Boxer was taken to the slaughter house he had no clue because he couldn't read the trailer he was getting into and by the time he got the hint he wasn't able to break free out of the trailer . This theme i feel developed a lot along the line of the book because of the way things were always changing and none of them could really read well so they were never really sure of what they had seen in the past . For and example they didn't realize that the 7 commandments were being constantly altered .


The making of the 7 commandments was that it clarified on Animal farm that all the animals pretty much had equal rights and no animal shall break these commandments without consequences. Throughout the book these commandments changed and it was never the same after they did , and they never really did end well after these changes.


These commandments symbolized the animals rights , just like our commandments do for us, they symbolize this by changing a couple words to make it look like animal rights instead of human rights and that makes it really seem as if these animals are actually living with these rules .Therefore it symbolizes the commandments we have as a people.