Angelman Syndrome and PWS

by: Chase Laubach, and Jared Solomon

Signs and Symptoms

The child will have a delayed development mentally and physically.

Speech problems, creates a loss of movement and balance to the victim,.

It can also cause random smiling and laughing and outbursts with out warning.

The physical signs of angelman syndrome is a smaller head, and defined bones of the face.

For PWS or Prader WIlli syndrome, they are defferent by behavior and the actual knowledge of what is going on with their bodies. The patient can be just plain bad and always in trouble but can't control it, and the patient will actually be at a greater risk of obesity because of never having the feeling of being full after eating.

For both syndromes they are first noticed at early stages of life, from 6-12 months after birth. The child will have poor muscle tone and have trouble with sucking.

The Cause

Problems with Genes

On a gene in the 15 chromosome can become mutated or siece to work causing angelman or Prader WIlli syndrome. This problem can occur if two paternal genes are put together instead of a paternal and maternal. This is the same cause for both Angelman syndrome and PWS


They use the AFC and MCC tests to detect the two syndromes. And the doctors are able to test the mother before birth to see if the baby is at risk of the mutation. A lot of the time it is physically noticeable, by seeing the lack of muscle in the child or definition of facial bones.


There isn't an actual cure for the syndromes, so all the doctors have are medicines to help with the symptoms of the syndromes. Since there is a decrease of hormones due to these syndromes the doctors will pump hormones into the patients to balance them out. They will also just recommend diet pills and exercise because PWS has a symptom of causing obesity. And they recommend therapy for patients suffering with both to cope with the symptoms of the syndromes.


It is pretty rare, 1 in 12,000-20,000 people may get it. Because of its rarity it has no specific gender or place of the world. Its just bad luck if you end up with a defective 15th chromosome.