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As we begin phased implementation of the Wilderness Stewardship Plan, we'll keep you up-to-date on the changes planned and when they will be implemented through this newsletter.
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Information for All Commercial Use Operators

Annual Reporting, CUA Permits and Fee Changes for 2016

  • Now Available: For those interested in operating within SEKI for 2016, the 2016 CUA Permit Applications can be found on our website at: . There you'll find the CUA Application, Application Instructions, Supplemental Application Form, as well as other helpful links and documents to help you plan and report your activities within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks this year.
  • A reinstatement of the $50 Application Fee began in January 2016 for CUA Permits to reflect the costs associated with reviewing applications. A CUA Application must be submitted with payment before your application will be reviewed.
  • Entrance fees as well as certain campground camping fees are increasing in 2016. As of January 1, 2016, a single vehicle 7-Day pass has increased from $20 to $30. Information on fee changes for entrance and camping fees can be found at:

Activities for 2016 and Monthly Reports

  • Per the Wilderness Stewardship Plan, additional activities have been determined to be appropriate for commercial use within Wilderness and will be phased in over the next few years.
  • As of 2016, CUAs will be available for Guided Fishing Instruction and Guided Photography Workshops within SEKI wilderness areas. Previous Terms and Conditions have been revised to incorporate the new usages along with additional restrictions and will be available to those operators interested in expanding their activities within SEKI.
  • The activities approved for the the parks for 2016 are as follows:
-Guided Signtseeing Van Tours

-Guided Day Hiking

-Guided Backpacking

-Guided Mountaineering

-Guided Backcountry Ski Mountaineering

-Guided Nordic Activities (Snowshoeing & Skiing)

-Guided Pack and Saddle Stock Services

-Guided Fishing Instruction ***Now allowed in Wilderness Areas!***

-Guided Photography Instruction (workshop)***Now allowed in Wilderness Areas!***

  • To learn more about these new activities, contact the Commercial Services office at (559)-565-4235 or contact us at
  • Reporting: Monthly Use Reports have been simplified and will now be available in both the traditional Excel format as well as an online form to streamline the reporting process. Guided Pack and Saddle Stock operators will use the same form as non-stock operators along with a separate form required for grazing reporting purposes. All forms will be available at:

Changes in Usage for 2016

Wilderness Permits and Notable Changes for Commercial Services Operating in the Wilderness

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