Learning styles

by Carlos Rodriguez


These people are word smart.

They are good at speeches, and have a way with words.

They learn best by saying or hearing.

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These people are body smart.

They are usually very active and know a lot about sports.

They learn best by doing.

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These people are nature smart.

They like to protect animals and other forms of wildlife from manmade dangers such as poisoning and construction.

They learn best by interacting with nature.

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These people are picture smart

They are usually very artistic and like to daydream.

They learn best by visualizing and dreaming.

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These people are music smart.

They usually enjoy listening to music and use music to help them focus on a certain task.

They learn best through rhythm and melody.

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These people know themselves best.

They usually prefer to work alone and think to themselves most of the time.

They learn best by working alone.

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They are usually people smart.

They like to get to know other people and work best in groups.

They learn best by working in groups and hearing other people.

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These people are usually number smart.

They are good at math and are usually very tech savvy.

They learn best by categorizing and classifying.

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