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Week of May 11th

Grobe's Corner

We had a great start to our research project, and we are taking this process slow and steady! This week we focused on how to find reliable websites, how to cite our sources, and how to gather key information relevant to their topics! We will continue with this next week, but we will begin to organize our data in a meaningful way that will then help in the process of drafting their expository papers.

This week we also continued working on our reading skills by carrying on with our scavenger hunt through classic books! They are doing a fabulous job on Sleuth as they review all the reading strategies and concepts from this school year.

I also began a class lit circle book, called Wonder. We are having great class discussions and we are focusing on thinking about what we read at a deeper level.

Next week, we will continue with these three activities as we push on through another week!


Destine' Grobe

Morris' Corner

In Math this week we started reviewing for our Math DA. I have changed the date to May 22nd so that we have a little bit more time to enjoy the games and learning. We learned how to apply PEMDAS to multi-operation problems, and reviewed comparing fractions and adding/subtracting decimals. Next week we will start with a multiplication review. Tuesday we will take our Spring Math MAP. The rest of the week we will focus on division, perimeter and area.

In Science, we discussed the water cycle, humidity and clouds. The kids have been researching different clouds and creating an informational poster. Next week we will finish up the unit with weather patterns and forecasting. We will review for the DA on Wednesday and Thursday and take the District Assessment on May 15th.

Make sure that you continue practicing your math facts!!

Thank you all so much for making this week so special for me. It has been such an amazing year with these kiddos and I am grateful for the experience. The gifts, generosity and love that you have shown me this year has been amazing. Thank you thank you thank you!

Have a great weekend!

Brooke Morris

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