Reducing Fat, Sugar and Sodium

Brooke Sosa

5 Tips for Reducing Fat in the Diet

- Select poultry, fish, dried beans, and peas and the lean meat for protein.

- Use eggs, live. and shellfish in moderation.

- Limit butter, cream, hyrogenated margine, shortenting and foods made with these products.

- Season vegtables with herbs, spoces, and lemon instead of butter.

- Use low fat and skim mil products instead of whole milk.

- Substitute plain low fat yogurt or nuttermilk for sour cream or mayo.

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5 tips for reducing sugar in the diet

- Serve fresh fruits and vegtebales as snacks rather than candy or cookies.

- Drink fruit juices or unsweet tea intead of soft drinks.

- Add fruit to unflavored yogurt rather than flavored yogurt.

- Use spices for flavor instead of sugar.

- Read labels to determine sugar content.

5 tips for reducing sodium in the diet

- Substitute herbs and spices for salt when preparing foods.

- Taste food before adding more salt.

- Use lemon juice or balsamic vinegar instead of salt on vegetables and fish.

- Eat fewer salty snack items such as pretzels and chips.

- Read labels and compare foods at the store and buy those without salt.