Dance till You Drop

The art of hip hop dancing

Started from the bottom now its here

Hip hop orginatned in the streets of New York . Its roots go even deeper . There are generes of music such as reggae and pop and rap that over time developed the great dance that we call hip hop today. It is very simple to learn and figure out how to choregraph your own dance routine. Many teens use hip hop as there escape from the world. They have dance wars that are just hip hop dancing and the music genere of freestyle. There are even many movies ans tv series generated around the art of hip hop . Such as Americas best dance crew, Stomp the Yard, and step it up.

Nothing but the Facts

- In the beginning hip hop dance used funk and pop music.

- Pop, Locking and Dropping gained its popularity in the 1980's

- Originally formed in the New York cities ghettos.

- Block Parties introduced this style of dancing to the public

- The first hip hop tv appearance was on the BET Soul Train Awards.

- This type of dancing has involved and become apart of the black community

- DJ Kool Herc , born in Jamaica , started to develop 'hip hop" music in the mid 1900's.

- In 1970 a new culture of hip hop started devoloping called the Brooklyn Uprocking.

- As a result in the Brooklyn Uprocking ,the dance movement of jerking was created . This style of dancing is used in direct battling.

- Don Campbell originated the dance form of locking. This what most think of when they think of hip hop today because it often used .

Hip Hop Timeline

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You're a JERKKK!

Jerking started as just as inner city dance that really no one knew. The dance was created by Don Campbell. Unless you where very active in the world of dance battles ,you probably didn't know what this dance was . This is until New Boyz made the song You're a Jerk. This dance has a background from the lamba and salsa . Wow !!!! Yes its true hip hop even has little bit latin influence . Think of hip hop as a melting pot of dances.

What is the Catorgory

Jerking is considered the hip hop genre of break dancing . Break dancing is also known as street dancing. While performing this type a of dance takes the flexibility of a ballerina. Ballerina??? Yes i just said ballerina. This type of dance requires you to "break" your body in different ways. I was wondered how that was possible. But i discovered that this dance involves a of illusions. There goes the science in things :)

Kinetic facts

The amount of friction between your foot and floor cause how far you whip your body around while performing an turn. The conservation of angular momentum determines how fast you whip your body around. They always say use your core abdominal to make your turns great. So here is the science behind all of that. Yapp thats right dancers have abs.

Your A Jerk - Official Dance
Ciara - I'm Out feat. Nicki Minaj (Clean)
Step Up 2 - Final Dance
Hip Hop Nation

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Genres of Hip Hop


Reggaton is a genre of oh hip hop where the cultural origins come from Panama and and Puerto Rico. Instruments that go with the type of dance are any kind of drum machine. Hip hop has roots from all over the world.

Jazz Rap

Jazz rap was estabhlished from the two things in its title jazz and rap . These two comnied in the jazz clubs of the nation . They found a way to perfectly blend the two traditions together.

Gangsta Rap

This kind of hip hop is a combination of the dirty south , west coast, east coast , and north side. They all involve gangstas and rapping. The fusion genres are G-funk and Mobb music. Sounds hard right . I believe that every gangster is big fluffy teddy bear somewhere inside.

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